Saturday, April 7, 2012

Who is that man who does a mean rig??

            My name is Adrian Rodriguez and I am a 3D character rigger in love with video games. Ever since I got my Super Nintendo at the age of six I have enjoyed playing games as my favorite pastime. As I grew older I also became intrigued with watching CG television shows and films. Both of these passions eventually merged and brought me to the point I am now, working in the animation department of video games production! The best part is that I enjoy working on this stuff every single day, it never gets old.

            Here on this blog I not only wish to talk about work related material but also influences / stories throughout my life that will help paint a better picture of who I am and why I chose this path in life. Thank you very much for reading my short bio, and I hope you read my other future post as well.

Take it easy everyone!

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